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The script is written. That’s the first step! Now, you’re in need of the perfect voice. If you would like a custom audition for your audio, simply e-mail me the script complete with directions, usage and budget. Rhonda@RhondasVoice.com

Jazz Hands For Your Ears

My voice is naturally friendly, approachable, bright and happy. It’s been said to sound like “Jazz Hands For Your Ears”. But don’t be fooled, I also have a softer side, a sillier side, a serious side, a motherly side…..well, you get the picture.

 Radio Production

So, you need a compelling commercial for radio play. What to do? Hire me! Not only can I give your brand a voice, I can also fully  produce it to make it stand out amongst the crowd. Voiceover, music, sound effects, oh my!

Voiceover Services

What can a professional voice talent do for you?

When it comes to your brand and image, hiring a professional voice talent who knows how to interpret your copy makes a world of difference. On many occasions, your voice talent will be the first impression your customer hears. I’m here to make sure that the voice your customer hears is always welcoming, friendly, professional and, most of all, sets the tone for your business, image and brand.

As the voice of thousands of radio and television commercials, e-Learning modules and corporate trainings, you may have welcomed my voice into your home, car, work or computer without even knowing it. For more than a decade, I’ve delivered a wide range of vocals styles for happy clients across the globe!

Radio and Television commercials


Radio Imagining

Corporate Narration

Whiteboard Animation

Website Audio and Apps

Voiceover Services

Rhonda is professional Voice Actor based in Colorado, serving the entire galaxy! Commercials, e-Learning, Corporate Narration, Whiteboard, Imaging and more!

Performance Coaching for Beginners

Are you new to the voiceover industry and are in need of some coaching? I’m here to help. Commercial, e-Learning and Explainers are where I place my focus. Learn the basics! 

About Rhonda

Hi! I’m Rhonda. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve been a working full-time voiceover actor for 15 years and worked part-time for 6 years previous to that. When you hear my voice, you will instantly feel like you are listening to a friend. I’m here to help your businesses, brand and image with high quality voice over recordings. As a radio broadcaster and producer for many years, I also offer production services for radio commercials. I’ll help you commercial stand out from the crowd.

I live in rural Colorado with my husband, studio cat and 2 dogs. When I’m not hard-at-work in my voiceover world, you’ll find me walking the dogs along the river, putting paint to canvas or camping, fishing and hiking the Colorado National Monument. Life is good. 



“Rhonda is one of the best voice talents that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She always cares enough about each project to understand the content and what is needed and always delivers a great performance on so many levels. A real professional and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Scott Peterson, Disney Animator

“Consummate pro, superb voice, pristine recording quality, and excellent turnaround time. Rhonda communicated status at every step of the way, and got us the files just the way we like them.” 

Charles Thompson, Sell Through Solutions

“Rhonda is a pleasure to work with. Very fast turn around times and very helpful. Nothing but good things to say. Thanks Rhonda!” 

Daniel Smith, Whiteboard Stories

“My production company has used Rhonda on many projects and we love working with her because of her talent and understanding of what we need as well as how quickly she gets us her work. She is our go to voice over artist!”

Logan McClennan, 14K Media

“Rhonda is a true pleasure to work with. She delivered precisely what we needed, and has been available at each stop to make sure everything is just right – from wording and inflection to technical requirements. Proactive, professional, flexible and fast.” 

Lex Dettrich, Emagineering, LLC

“Rhonda delivered an great read and made my clients extremely happy.” 

Eric Darnell, Smart Tuition

“Rhonda is extremely fun, personable and easy to work with. She understand scripts with no coaching. She’s flexible and awesome. I’ve worked with many voiceover artists and Rhonda is, no lie, the best and most fun to work with! Hire her!” 

Ian Whitlow, Explanify

“As always, Rhonda gives us above and beyond what we ask!! Gets the job done with hardly any notice.” 

Tony Hannan, Hannan Entertainment


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Late Night Secrets

Late Night Secrets for Voiceover Success –

Voiceover Webinar Series

Join me the last Wednesday of every month at 7pm ET, for Late Night Secrets for Voiceover Success, an affordable monthly webinar series. Each month, a voiceover industry professional will be featured as my guest during a 90-minute webinar. You’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to help you succeed in your voiceover career. Registration is required to enter any webinar. Replays are offered to registrants.

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Welcome to Late Night Secrets for Voiceover Success! I’m Rhonda Phillips, your host. LNS is a monthly webinar series designed for the voiceover community. On the last Wednesday of each month, other than November and December, I’ll feature a top professional in the world of voiceover who’ll share useful tips and tricks to help your voiceover business grow and flourish.

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For all webinars held on the last Wednesday of the month, the registration fee is $25. If you register for an event, you will automatically receive a replay link via email the day after the event. You link will be available to view for 30-days.

In addition to the monthly LNS webinars, I occasionally hold additional webinars spotlighting different speakers and topics. You’ll also learn about extended workshops. You can find all upcoming webinars HERE.

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