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Daily Practices for Getting Sh!t Done with ADHD


In this 90-minute webinar, ADHD Coach Jen Swedhin, will walk you through actionable steps to make the most out of your time. From prepping your workspace to prioritizing your tasks, planning your day, and wrapping up with a sense of accomplishment, we'll dive into practical strategies to boost your productivity. Learn to get more shit done, so you can spend the rest of your time doing whatever it is that lights you up! Featured Speaker - Jen Swedhin. Jen is a certified ADHD life coach and system strategist for creative entrepreneurs. She has ADHD and understands what it takes to get shit done. Jen will be sharing insights on how ADHD can make life hard as a business owner.  She will teach you how to work with your unique brain instead of against it, and give you practical tips for getting and keeping your shit together in your daily life. We'll discuss the common symptoms of ADHD that can affect your productivity, and learn strategies to manage the squirrelly brain to stay focused and motivated, and learn practical tips and tricks to help you stay organized, prioritize your tasks, and get things done. Jen's approach is friendly, welcoming and direct. […]


Multitracking Madness in Adobe Audition featuring Uncle Roy


Dive into the depths of Adobe Audition and emerge as a multitrack maestro! This interactive webinar will guide you through the exciting world of adding layers of music and sound effects, perfecting the art of dubbing, and polishing your projects like a pro. Whether you’re crafting an audiobook, sprucing up a commercial, or giving life to characters in an animated series, we’ve got the tricks to transform your tracks from simple to spectacular!