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Holiday Gift Extravaganza 2022

December 21, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST

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I’ll be giving away lots of amazing voiceover related gifts and services during this year’s Holiday Gift Extravaganza that have been generously donated from top industry pros. I have over $6,400 worth of gifts to share! There is also an Ugly Sweater Contest. Scroll down for a list of gifts/gift givers as well as general rules.
Registration closes on December 20th at 5pm ET.
You must be present to win. Please do not register if you don’t think you can attend this virtual event.
*When registering for any LNS event, you will be asked to subscribe to the Late Night Secrets newsletter if you are not already a subscriber. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Maria Pendolino – 1 fully produced 1-minute demo. Valued at $1,200 AND a $25 gift certificate to Sweetwater. (given separately)

Voice By Maria currently offers demo production by referral and to folks in her network only for e-learning, corporate narration, explainer videos and Democratic political genres only. Maria will write custom scripts for your voice and your voiceover business, direct your demo session and present you with a fully mixed and mastered demo to showcase your skills. Visit Maria at and follow Maria and her cats on Instagram @mariapendo

Uncle Roy Yokelson – Antland Productions – (3) 1 Hour Home Studio Tech Sessions! ‘An Hour With Uncle Roy’. These can be applied to his ‘2 Hour Life Changing Adobe Audition, Twisted Wave, or Audacity Set Up & Training’ sessions, (you would purchase the other hour). Value $175 per session or $525 total!

Antland Productions if the only voiceover and audio production facility you’ll ever need! For over 30 years, Emmy Award winning sound designer, recording engineer and producer “Uncle Roy” Yokelson has built an impressive list of credits for his work in a wide variety of media. His ‘Life Changing Audio Event’ will truly change the way you record and process audio. Roy is also a SAG-AFTRA approved audio book producer.

Jordan Reynolds – 1 Audio Ninja Masterclass Valued at $400

Audio doesn’t have to be scary. Whether you’re a working pro or just getting started in VO, there are endless ways to improve your home studio sound. And with a sea of voice talent auditioning and recording from their home studios – you want to gain every edge you can. The Audio Ninja Masterclass is a pre-recorded course that you can take at your own pace. Learn everything from acoustics, mic placement, noise floors, sibilance, and so much more.

BONUS:If you don’t win this amazing prize, you can use code RHONDARULEZ at checkout to knock 20% off The Audio Ninja Masterclass. Offer expires Christmas Eve.

Martha Kahn – 4 Sessions of Intro to VO for kids Valued at $400

KAHN KIDS VOICEOVER – although you don’t have to be a kid to win!!
My mission is to inspire talent through creative expression with the use of their voice.
In the classes students will learn: Microphone & Studio Etiquette; Audition Techniques; Script Analysis and much more!
Please check out the website for Testimonials

Tracy Lindley – The LinkedIn Edge Course Valued at $297 (if you already have the course, Tracy is offering a 1-hour consultation in it’s place)

The VO Edge is an on-demand step-by-step e-course that walks learners through my exact process of how to attract, find, and reach out to prospects using a free LinkedIn account. The course focuses on these three steps:
1) Optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract prospects and showcase what you can offer them
2) Using LinkedIn’s search capabilities in multiple ways to find voice seekers
3) Reaching out to prospects in a non-spammy way so they will want to work with you
Tracy provides the following services:
The VO Edge course
Private 1-on-1 LinkedIn marketing consulting-
Group classes (price varies by number of participants)

Debbie Irwin and Hugh P. Klitzke – (2) 90-minute workout sessions. Four people will win the chance to work with Hugh in a small group, and four students will win the chance to work with Debbie in a small group.
The value of each person’s prize is $150. That’s a total of $1,200 worth of prizes!
Debbie J. Irwin has been a voiceover talent for over 20 years, specializing in medical narration.  She has also narrated projects for The Met, MOMA, The Guggenheim and was the voice of The Statue of Liberty.  As a coach, Debbie strategically guides her students in both the art and business of voiceover.  Growing up in Chicago, with extended periods in Italy and Mexico, Deb embodies a multi-cultural, one-world lifestyle.  Debbie also worked for many years on stage, in the art world, and even on Wall Street.
Hugh P. Klitzke directed over 125,000 auditions in almost 15 years as the voiceover studio manager at Buchwald.  He has been teaching classes and coaching voiceover for over a decade.  Hugh was invited to contribute an essay to The Art of Voice Acting by James Alburger.  Now he is writing a comprehensive guide to the Conversational Read.  Hugh has also been the head of sound for Penn and Teller, assistant to a Baroque trumpet scholar, a K-12 music teacher and atwo-timee marathon finisher.

Debbie and Hugh met on Zoom as co-panelists critiquing voice actors and their reads. Deb, attracted to intelligent people, was intrigued by what Hugh said and decided to coach with him. When working together, Hugh saw her as his ideal student; she was experienced, aware of her strengths, and committed to professional growth.

Before that relationship ran its course (as these things do), Hugh saw Deb’s unique style of coaching her students. They realized they’d be a powerful combination: Deb from the talent and business perspective and Hugh from the casting director perspective.
Neither knows the exact moment it happened. And neither cares. Deb and Hugh knew there was a vacuum in voiceover education they could fill by offering intelligent and thought-provoking content with specificity and depth.
Hugh’s coaching focuses on the conversational read (amongst other things). Deb is the mistress of medical narration (and more). Together they push professional voice talent forward in their careers.  Their goal is to make what the working voice actor already does well, better.
People like working with them because they get detailed, actionable feedback.
Deb has three kids, a husband, and a dog named after a Persian poet.
Hugh lives a low-carb lifestyle and re-reads The Question by O’Neil and Cowan every year.
They don’t sleep much, and when they do, it’s not together. (Just to be clear.)
Hugh P. Klitzke’s voiceover coaching focuses on the conversational read (amongst other things).
Debbie J. Irwin is the mistress of medical narration (and more).
Deb and Hugh push working voice actors forward in their careers by giving detailed, actionable feedback and education they don’t get anywhere else.
Together they are VOnow.CO.

Celia Siegel – 1-Hour Brand Audit and Brainstorming Session Valued at $250

Manager, Brand Builder, Success Strategist and CVO (Chief Voice Officer) Celia is the author of the popular book, VoiceOverAchiever, and founder of Celia Siegel Management, widely recognized for developing strong personal brands for voice talent. As an experienced brand-building pioneer, certified life and business coach, success strategist and former talent agent turned manager, Celia has advanced the careers of top VO talent for more than two decades. Celia’s multi-leveled expertise and extensive knowledge of the ever-changing voiceover industry has helped voice actors, across the globe, successfully brand and grow their VO businesses.

Brad Hyland – 1-Hour Performance Coaching Session Valued at $150

Brad is a performance coach who helps his students increasing their success ratios for casting site opportunities. He also covers general performance and guidance in self-direction while auditioning for any kind of voiceover work.

Roy Samuelson – 1/2 Hour Audio Description Coaching Valued at $100

Commercially, Roy has voiced Intel Tags during the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. Major brands work includes Quaker, State Farm, DirecTV, Ford, Target, multiple spots for McDonalds and Toyota. Samuelson gains critical praise and garners much work in the ever-growing area of Audio Description, including 2019 and 2021 SOVAS Award nominations in the narration and audio description categories. Audio description provides access to television programs, movies and other visual media to blind and low vision audiences. By connecting the entertainment industry to audio description audiences, professionals, Roy shifts the perspectives on access, and inclusion. To date, he has recorded thousands of projects for national network episodes, well known streaming series, and blockbuster films.

Natasha Marchewka and Katherine Tole – – 1 “Optimizing your Experience on V123” online course Valued at $150 (Lifetime enrollment, including ongoing updates)

Want to raise your game on Voice123? This intensive course will take you to the next level. Learn the latest features, tips, and best practices. There are many pitfalls to the platform that we want to help you avoid and this course will guide you through it step by step. There is something for everyone in here, whether you are a beginner on the platform or a seasoned professional coming back after a hiatus. Save and resume the course anytime you want and you’ll automatically get updates when there are new features added. Improve your profile. Navigate castings effectively. Set yourself up for success.

Rob Sciglimpaglia – A free contract review of up to 10 pages.  Value is $250.

Rob is an Actor, Voice Over Artist, Attorney and Author of Amazon #1 Best Seller VOICE OVER LEGAL. He’s my go-to attorney when I need a contract reviewed. Plus, his book is simply AMAZING.

David Rosenthal – 1-Hour Coaching Session. Value $200

Actor, teacher, and private coach, David Rosenthal has over 25 years of teaching and coaching experience, both as an on-camera and voiceover coach, and has helped many people get their starts or further their careers in the industry.

David Toback– 1-hr Coaching Session rates/biz/performance. Your choice. Value $200

Understanding voiceover rates can be confusing, complex, and frustrating. You want to understand your value while charging clients appropriately, but getting a firm grasp on rate structures, why, and how you should quote projects can feel daunting.
Set yourself up for success with Rates & Negotiation Coaching with GVAA’s rates expert, David Toback!
In his coaching sessions, David will give you a deep and thorough understanding of rates, equipping you with the knowledge and power to quote with confidence!
He covers:
A foundational understanding of rates and the current market
Rate structures for VO genres and how to quote them
Usage, conflicts, and exclusivity
How to say NO to “in-perpetuity”
Session fees
Negotiation strategies for success
Contracts and service agreements
The value you deliver
Educating clients professionally and asserting your authority
Plus! answer any specific questions you may have!

Ian Russell – 1-Hour of Ian time! Choose your subject. You can chat about video games VO, finding work, audition techniques, how to act in the sessions, how to get more auditions opportunities, etc. Valued at $150

Offering a distinct, dynamic vocal presence and professional demeanor, Ian Russell is a seasoned voice actor with a global audience. His voiceover skills have been featured on TV, in cinema and video games, on radio and as an audiobook narrator. Ian’s warm, international tones are the perfect fit for corporate narration, eLearning, wildlife documentary, internet explainer or promo projects, and his video game voiceover is exceptional. He’s got the energy needed for character work, and provides imaginative animated voices for cartoons, apps and TV promos.

Laura Doman – 50-minute Consultation $150

Laura Doman’s giving away a 50 minute consult on how to expand your skills beyond voice over and into on-camera work. This can be anything from how to navigating the film and TV industry, setting up a basic self-tape studio at home (the on-camera actor’s version of the VO booth) getting yourself started with the right tools of the trade, find those first jobs, and so on.

Many voice actors aren’t comfortable speaking in person in front of live audiences, so if this is you, we can also work on relaxation and mindset techniques to prep you for public speaking. Or how to get rid of filler words (like, um, you know, etc.). Or just to know how to play to the camera. Your choice!

Debra Stitt– 1-Hour Consultation on Lead Generation and entrance to her next Lead Generation webinar Valued at $250

Debra has a whopping 50% open rate in her E-mail marketing. How does she do it? By combining her many years in two careers, executive recruiting and voiceover work. She has created a training program that teaches VO talent techniques on how to successfully harvest contact information to reach decision makers. The winner of this training will get a one-hour, one-on-one with Debra, as well as a seat at her next training event. They will also receive two valuable handouts for a value of $250.

Rhonda Phillips – 1 hour of Rhonda time. This can be a performance coaching session or business consultation. Valued at $150

Rhonda is a full-time voiceover actor who has been on scene for 15 years. She began her coaching career 5 years ago and specializes in working with beginners to the industry. Not only does she provide 1-on-1 performance coaching, she also guides her students in all of the aspects of setting up a new business. Rhonda is also the Creator and Host of Late Night Secrets for Voiceover Success. For 4 years now, she’s been hosting top VO professionals in her monthly webinar series while providing an affordable training resources to the voiceover community.

GVAA – A 2-month Membership. Value $120

GVAA is an online voiceover school that provides a strong and caring support system for each and every student. Not only do we offer all the voiceover services you’ll need to achieve your goals, we create a personalized action plan to help you every step of the way!

Lisa Suliteanu – (3) 15-minute audition critiques (given separately). Value $112

Want to BOOST your BOOKING RATE? Get helpful feedback on your ACTUAL auditions and find out what’s working for you, and what’s not. In this prize package, award-winning voiceover artist and coach Lisa Suliteanu will teach you practical and effective tips on how to level up your audition game. And with 3x 15-minute audition critique sessions, you’ll get constructive, personalized, and actionable insights in a quick and convent format.

Rebecca Davis – Rebecca is giving the gift of a $100 donation to the charity of your choice.

Rebecca is an Award Winning Voice Actress, having won a SOVAS award, along with being nominated as Best International Performance for the One Voice Awards and was the first female nominee for a Golden Trailer Award for Best Voiceover in over a decade.

Dionne Roberts – A $50 gift certificate to Sweetwater.

Dionne is a full-time voiceover actor based in Las Vegas. She attends Late Night Secrets webinars on a regular basis and decided to join in the gift giving fun!

Cheryl Holling – A surprise gift of stocking stuffers! The winner will get gift(s) in the mail worth $75!

Cheryl has an awesome podcast! 19Stories is about women and men working in various creative endeavors. Cheryl has interviewed some of the most stellar talent in voiceover, music and broadcasting as well as authors, speakers and coaches. She talk’s about the challenges, successes, and fears they’ve faced and what they did to press-on & press-through to a future filled with joy and hope. 19Stories has received both a 2021 & 2022 SOVAS Nomination for Best Podcast Producer. You can listen to all of the episodes via the following links:

Richard Crossman – AKA SANTA DUNDAS – Santa will be on-hand to give away gifts. He’s also donated a 15-minute visit with Santa. How lucky are we!

Ugly/Funny/Creative Sweater Contest: Join in the fun by wearing an Ugly, Funny or Creative sweater to the party. At the beginning of the party, we will take 5 minutes per category for you to model your awesome sweater. Winners of the sweater contest will be chosen by 5 secret judges and will be announced after the gift giveaway. (I am not one of the judges) Please remember that this contest is held in the spirit of fun.
You must be present to win
There is no guarantee that you’ll win a gift since the drawing is done at random. You can only win one gift.
If you registered more than once under different email addresses, your name only be submit to the wheel of names once. Please only register once.
It is the responsibility of the winner to claim their gift. I’ll connect you to the gift giver via email. Please be respectful of their time and claim/use your gift in a timely manner.
Once you register for this event, your name will be added to an online prize wheel using Everyone who is registered for this event will be listed on the wheel. If you are not present when your name is called, your name will be deleted from the wheel and the gift will go to the next person drawn. If you choose not to accept a gift for any reason, I’ll spin the wheel again and draw a new winner. Your name will remain on the wheel for a chance at other gifts.
This event is held via Zoom. Registrants will receive a Zoom link with passcode after registering. Check all of your email folders for your confirmation email (it may take a few minutes to get to you). I will also be sending out a newsletter to all registrants the day before the event with all party details and the Zoom link. As we all know, sometimes Zoom can fail for whatever reason. I’m hoping that this doesn’t happen, but if it does and you get logged out for some reason, please try to rejoin the party! Zoom troubles are beyond my control, therefore, you still have to be in the room to grab a gift. Rhonda reserves the right to remove anyone from the room at anytime for poor behavior.
* Please be sure that your Zoom name matches the name on the event registration.

*** Registration Closes on Tuesday, December 20th at 5pm ET ***


December 21, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST
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