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Saturday, August 22nd at 3pm ET

CANVA. It’s a powerful free tool that I use to create fun and information graphics for my business and webinar series. It allows me to create custom graphics and ads quickly and easily. “But Rhonda, I’m not a designer and don’t feel creative enough to put Canva to good use”. STOP RIGHT THERE. You don’t have to be a ‘designer’ to create amazing designs. Why? Because Canva does all of the hard work for you! They have 1000’s of free templates, photos and effects built right in. So all you have to do is drag and drop or upload your own images and logos, and poof, you’ve created something stunning and personalized. Canva is also great for creating invitations, thank you notes,

Join me on Saturday, August 22nd at 3pm ET to learn how to put Canva to work for you and your business. This 1-Hour workshop will give you the tools you need to start the design process right away. You won’t believe how fun it is!

Register Now! Only $39.

Let’s design some cool stuff together!