Voiceover Coaching with Rhonda is a fun, engaging one-on-one learning experience. She has tips and tricks for beginners and pros alike that will help perfect and broaden your range and versatility as a voice actor. Rhonda specializes in commercial, eLearning, explainer and short form narration coaching for both adults and children ages 6 – 17. If you are looking for an animation, audiobook, promo or long form narration coach, Rhonda can refer you to other top coaches in the industry that will fit your needs.

Each 1-hour coaching session is held in a Zoom room and focuses on a combination of skills training which may include several things. Here are just a few examples:

*body language
*facial expression
*finding clues in the copy
*deciphering specs
*finding your signature voice
*vocal placement
*breathing techniques and practice
*putting your smile to work
*and much, much more!

Every student receives hand-picked practice scripts that are designed to challenge and broaden their ability to deliver the right sound for each client’s need. Not only will you learn how to improve your auditions, you’ll also learn basic business principles and receive guidance on how to get a proper start in the voiceover business. Rhonda is known as, “The Honest Coach”. She’ll provide honest, positive feedback about how to improve your current business model.

If you need a business consultation, Rhonda offers a 1-hour consulting sessions. Or, perhaps you need someone to brainstorm with? That’s cool too. Scheduling is easy. Simply follow this link and schedule yourself into the calendar. https://calendly.com/rhondasvoice/60/01-05-2018

Rhonda is a full-time working voice actor who has been in the industry for nearly 15 years. She’s been the voice of thousands of radio and television commercials as well as e-learning, explainer and promotional videos. Her easy-going nature and positive attitude have the ability to empower her students, while training them to become intuitive in their reads and develop new styles and tones in their voiceover wheelhouse.


Initial Telephone Consultation regarding coaching, 1-Hour –  $75

Voiceover Coaching Session – Adults, 1-Hour – $100

Voiceover Coaching Session – Kids aged 6-14, 30 minutes – $40

Business Consultation, 1-Hour – $100

If you have any questions, please e-mail Rhonda at rhonda@rhondasvoice.com


Here’s what a few of Rhonda’s students have to say about her awesome-sauce coaching:

“I don’t respond well to “tough love.” But a little encouragement goes a long way with me, and Rhonda knows just how to motivate me to deliver my best. She’s been hugely beneficial in helping bring out more sounds and tones than I even knew I had! She’s experienced, kind, and pushes me until my read shines! Plus she’s really boosted my confidence in my own skills and that is a necessary quality in this competitive industry. Rhonda is one of the secret weapons for my success!” ~ Tracy Lindley

“Working with Rhonda means: On-point instruction that targets your individual needs; Challenging exercises that stretch you to be a better voice actor and winning moments of realizing you’re better than when you started. As a working pro, I still have areas I need to learn and improve in. Rhonda’s approach to patiently tackle the issues I struggle with, rather than suggest a theory, curriculum or training that’s worked for others, is just one example of how she approaches each student as an individual. I wholeheartedly recommend Rhonda Phillips if you need a voice over coach.” ~ Melanie Murphy

“Rhonda is not just a voice over coach, she’s also a working voice actor who understands the ups and downs of the business. She’s a life coach, a motivator, a realist, a marketer, and so much more. Rhonda tells it like it is, helps me set goals, points out what to do and NOT to do, shows me that I CAN do this. She gives me the tools, tips, tricks, and real-life experiences that I can learn from. Rhonda lifts me up, inspires me, fills me with hope, and motivates me to stay up late to try new auditioning tips. It’s not all sunshine and lollipops though, she makes me uncomfortable, she makes me try new things, and they work! IT WORKS! ~ Kelly Wilson

“Rhonda is warm and encouraging, and I am so glad to have her as my coach. From our first conversation, she was an open book and I could tell she cared about my growth and success. It’s scary to start a business, but I feel confident in my path thanks to Rhonda’s insight and skill.” ~ Adriana Colon

“Rhonda is incredibly friendly to work with – and she knows her stuff.  I have saved so much time and energy by working with her.   She can point things out that I don’t even see! I couldn’t have found a better coach to come along side and help me become a better voiceover artist.   I wish I would have found her sooner in my career!   The value she brings to my work is priceless.” ~  Jessica Lewis

“Rhonda is more than a voice over coach.  She’s a talented and active voice over artist herself.  She teaches in a way that is easy to understand.  She’s funny and encouraging. She’s generous and a cheerleader.  Rhonda helped me increase my confidence with auditions and understand how I could extend my voices’ range so that I could expand the VO opportunities I pursued.  My performance on P2Ps has improved.  Rhonda is a serious teacher with a flexible and accommodating schedule for people who are serious about their VO careers.”  ~ Blair Siebert