Narrow Your Focus To Catch The Perfect Clients

Fishing on the boat. Vector retro styled illustration.

Fishing on the boat. Vector retro styled illustration.

In the big bad world of voiceover, there are many many areas in which you can specialize. Think about it this way, you are holding an umbrella and voiceover jobs are falling out of the sky. Each job lands in a separate bucket after hitting your umbrella. There are buckets labeled, “commercials”, “e-learning”, “IVR”, “audiobooks”, “animation”, etc. Of course, there are buckets within those buckets that hold their own specialties.

Some voice actors believe that they are a perfect fit for any and all voiceover jobs. Maybe that’s true but it’s probably not as true as you might think. Can your voice be all things to all people? It’s time to narrow your focus.

Ask yourself some key questions:

What delivery am I best at?
What do I feel most comfortable voicing?
What delivery does my coach think I’m best at?
Do I have the stamina for long form recording?
Do I have the acting chops to pull off characters?
Is there a market for the voiceover choices I’ve made?

For me, commercial work for radio, television and internet ads are what I’m best at. Audiobooks? Not my thing. Long form narration? Not my thing. Medical? Definitely not my thing. So why would I try to break into those genres of voiceover? I won’t – and you shouldn’t either unless they are ‘your thing’. Stick with what you do best!

You’ll also find that your marketing efforts will go much farther with a specific target audience in place. Why throw a giant net to catch a few perfect fish? Narrow your focus and target your specific audience.

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