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Join A VO facebook group today

Join A VO facebook group today

If you love Facebook like the rest of the world, you probably already know about several groups that cater to the big world of voiceover. I am a member of several of these groups both public and private. Some are more worthy of reading than others, but they all have a place and serve their purpose. Some have 2 members while other host 1000’s of members. Some are moderated by the creator/host while others are a free-for-all. Some are public and some require you to go through a joining process. Why be a member of select voiceover groups? There are many reasons. If you are the quiet type and don’t post much, that’s okay. You can read through many of these groups/forums and learn a ton. People ask all sorts of questions, answer questions, share stories or gig news, share their newest music, share coaching and training tips and tricks, set meetups, exchange gear, learn about conventions, read blogs, provide support, mentor and chat about software and hardware, etc. Yes, there are lots and lots of voiceover groups out there. Out of curiosity I did a quick search on the Book Of Face and found a bunch of groups I didn’t know existed. Will I join them all? Um, NO. But I will explore them and join the ones that may benefit me over time. I’ve compliled a list of the top voice related groups on Facebook. There are many that I am not listing here, but you can simply do a quick search within Facebook to find any local or specialty groups. For example, if you have a small workout group for folks in your region, those are probably not on the list. Just know that many more groups exist out there. Ready? Let’s go!

  • VO Peeps
  • VO Community
  • World Voices
  • Voiceover Universe
  • VoiceOver BodyShop
  • VoiceoverCentral
  • Voiceover booth stories
  • VO Rockstars
  • VO Gear Exchange
  • Twisted Wave VO user group
  • VoiceOver Chat
  • VO University
  • VO in TO
  • WoVo-members only
  • Voice Over Marketing Podcast
  • Faffcon friends
  • Voice-over camp
  • VOICE convention
  • Voice Over Heroes
  • Voice Over Artists
  • Voice-over Fridge
  • Voice Actors Network
  • All Star Voices
  • Voices Anonymous – LA
  • Voice For Hire
  • VAU – Voice Artists United
  • The Voice Acting Hub
  • Voice Acting Alliance
  • Voiceover Master Class
  • VoiceXtra
  • VoHeavenWorkOuts
  • LoveThatImprovVO
  • ProTools VO user group
  • I’m A Voiceover Pro Who Wants To Have An Even More Wildly Success
  • TwistedWave VO user group
  • Voice-over Collective
  • The Professional British Voice-over group
  • Voice-over Mamas
  • VOiceover Artists Network Shuffle
  • Mid-Atlantic Voiceover
  • Audacity Voiceover users group
  • International Voice-over Bank
  • Voice Artists Who Do Dubbing And Voiceover
  • Voiceover Voices for Commercial Radio Tv Movie Audiobooks
  • Professional Voiceovers
  • Voice Over Women – VOW

Now get out there and join in the conversation! I’ve provided you with hours and hours worth of fun. You’re welcome.

Your friend in voiceover,


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